Eating Out in Victoria Falls


Occupying the most primme location in Victoria Falls demands a standard bearer for the Town. The outstanding success of the Rainforest Café always ensured confidence was high with the same team of Wes, Jane and Toni at the helm. The Shearwater Café has certainly delivered – raising the bar significantly. The look and ambience of […]

World Record Big Air Combo?

It was 21 years ago almost to the very day in October 1993, that I felt compelled to earn my adrenalin spurs by throwing myself headfirst off a perfectly sound and  very historic Victoria Falls bridge which spanned a gaping chasm beneath.  At the time, the world’s highest commercial bungee jump was being operated by […]

Swing Low

bungee jumping victoria falls

So 21 years almost to the day since I last approached the Victoria falls bridge on a day in which I intended to eat up the air between it – and the foaming water below, here I am again embarking on the same walk – but this it will not be at the end of […]

Raft oar run.


Shearwater is synonymous with rafting; indeed it was the cornerstone of the company’s foundation. Rafting grade 5 rapids on the Zambezi is the wildest white-water rafting to be found on the planet. It is certainly not for the fainthearted. Anyone who does so though we believe belongs to a union of those that have earned […]

Safe in our hands


There is no doubt that part of the allure for visitors to Africa is the sense of adventure. The call of the wild on safari, journeys into the unknown of the African interior, towns were wildlife can roam the streets and the opportunity to participate in intrepid activities like riding elephants, white-water rafting and bungee […]

Happy Birthday rainforest cafe

5 years ago no one at Shearwater would have guessed it was about to be responsible for a seminal café/restaurant offering classic food, and much less that this would be the springboard to an increasingly significant part of the Shearwater estate. Shearwater was about whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, safaris – what could it possibly know […]