The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | 2 Don’ts Do Make A Do

Shearwater promote whitepaper on litter problems Think – in all the world, the whole planet, the entire globe – there are but 7, just 7 NATURAL wonders of the world. No one has to stretch their imagination too much to realise that the very word NATURAL conjures up images of pristine ‘’natural’’ environments: woods, trees, […]

The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | Menu With A Rush

Where else can you order breakfast with a side of Bungee? Restaurant menus can be tempting, innovative and artistically designed. Many go for the exotic twist with a dangerous sounding list of potent cocktails. Few places on earth though would allow you an opportunity to order a baguette and bungee on the same order, from […]

The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | Whitewater Wonder

Feel – don’t just see the 7th wonder of the world. Shearwater and rafting – it is in our DNA, our very original raison detre. The whole concept of the the much respected Shearwater pioneering spirit started with a determination to become the first company in Zimbabwe to run successful commercial trips through the grade […]

The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | Exactly Who Doesn’t Forget

Is it you or your Elephant who doesn’t forget?  It is the African Elephant, more than it’s equally beguiling colleagues – Leopard, Cheetah, Lion and Hippo (to name but a few), that carries the title of animal most synonymous with Africa. Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe offer some of the most spectacular Elephant encounters you will […]

The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | Lunch With Livingstone

Make your most of a one off trip to the Rainforest Following the spectacular success of Shearwater Helipad Dinners, Shearwater Restaurants are delighted to announce the launch of a new dining activity: Lunch with Livingstone. Enjoy an expert guided tour of the Victoria Falls with an experienced Shearwater guide, who will provide you with all […]

The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | Hells Angels

Not just Angels – but Devils too. It was David Livingstone who said when he discovered the Victoria Falls 160 years ago this November – ‘’scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight’’. Of course he could only begin to imagine by how spectacular the Falls looked from ground level […]

The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | Univisa

Passport to new worlds. It is very easy for any business to get into a rhythm that instinctively proves difficult to adjust. However the brightest and best seize opportunities to innovate. The arrival of the UNIVSA is now presenting exceptional opportunity and value for money for visitors to Victoria Falls. IF you are not capitalising […]

The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 |Fight vs …Flight

Adrenaline activities – but what about when the Fight is the Flight? The accepted wisdom on adrenaline is that it is a hormone that courses through the body and brain and triggers the elemental conundrum of ‘’FIGHT …or….FLIGHT’’.   To face ones fears and overcome or combat the affronting challenge, or to listen to the reasoning […]

The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | Chairman’s Comments

Opening comments by Shearwater Chairman – Mike Davis Welcome to the 2nd edition of the 2015 pioneering spirit. The start of the year was certainly a challenging one, and challenges continue to present themselves, but in keeping with company philosophy we are full of positivity, reconciled to continue our pioneering ways. Shearwater made substantial investments […]