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Cancellation Policies

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Cancellation more than thirty days before date of activity – No charge
Cancellation within thirty days of date of activity – 20% cancellation fees
Cancellation within seven days of date of activity – 50% cancellation fees
Cancellation on day before activity / No show – 100% cancellation fees


If an individual client cancels due to illness the day before the activity and provides reasonable proof (i.e. Doctor’s Letter), a 100% refund will be offered. If the client has to cancel on the day of the activity, a 20% cancellation fee is payable.
Due to the nature of the adventure tourism business, Shearwater reserves the right to cancel any trip without notice for any reason should we feel that the health and safety of our clients are at risk.
Under no circumstances will Shearwater accept cancellations, issue refunds or waive cancellation fees due to weather conditions unless we deem it fit to cancel the trip ourselves.
Shearwater will not travel anyone under the perceived influence of alcohol or drugs and the normal cancellation fees will be charged for those cases.


Shearwater reserves the right to cancel any scenic helicopter tour or transfer due to bad weather conditions (i.e. rain, very low cloud cover etc.) should the pilot feel the safety of the clients is at risk. Should clients not be able to reschedule the flight, a full refund will be given.


Once a client has been as far as the safety talk and registration (signing the Indemnity Form), the jump is considered both non-refundable and non-transferable. However, given the extreme nature of the activity, if a paid client arrives at the bridge and decides not to jump before getting to the registration stage (signing the Indemnity), they are entitled to a 100% refund.

Please Note: Agents should only issue refunds to clients who present a written “Refund Authorisation Slip” issued by the registration staff on the Bridge.

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