The Bridge Over the River Zambezi

The Victoria Falls are a deserved wonder of the natural world. However when it comes to the achievements of man –it would be a reasonable boast that once again the location scores highly. One of the greatest engineering feats of the last century, The Victoria Falls bridge is an astonishing achievement of endeavour and diligence […]

2015 in with a Rave

The Jameson’s Vic Falls Carnival ensured the town had yet another uniquely African New Year celebration. Thousands of festival goers from across Africa and the World partied into 2015 as the Vic Falls Carnival lived up to it’s billing as the most exciting African festival at the world’s most exciting destination. South Africa’s ever popular […]

The Big Clean

As guardians of what we must remind ourselves is only 1 of 7 natural wonders of the World, the people of Zimbabwe – particularly those in the town of Victoria Falls , have a huge custodial responsibility to the citizens of the entire world.  In many ways this care of duty is successfully addressed – […]