Hi Ho Hi Ho…..

IT’S OFF TO A GORGE HIKE WE GO The demographic of visitors to the falls has changed over the years. 25 years ago the adrenaline buzz of White Water Rafting was the main lure for a younger generation. Now most visitors to the falls somewhat older and have put adrenaline rushes behind them. However customer […]

Fleet of Foot and Wheel – Shearwater Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a destination most visit for a 2-3 night period as part of a wider Southern African itinerary. However the sheer scale of things to do, activities to participate in, and experiences to be had means that to get the very best out of Victoria Falls, needs the careful planning of a strategic […]

Masters of the Univisa | Shearwater Victoria Falls

  The Univisa fundamentally changes how we in the travel trade should sell Victoria Falls if we are to offer the best possible experience & value to visitors. Complicated and expensive visa requirements, border delays and time pressures have meant that most international visitors tend to stick to one side or the other – guided […]

The Bridge Over the River Zambezi

The Victoria Falls are a deserved wonder of the natural world. However when it comes to the achievements of man –it would be a reasonable boast that once again the location scores highly. One of the greatest engineering feats of the last century, The Victoria Falls bridge is an astonishing achievement of endeavour and diligence […]

The Only Way to Travel | Bridge Tour Bus

shearwater bridge tour

Announcing the Launch of the New Bridge Tour Bus. The Historic Victoria Falls Bridge is a definite for any visitor to the Falls. An unbelievable feat of colonial era engineering it is a manmade marvel in itself. But spanning the only two bordering countries on the globe that both begin with a Z (Zimbabwe and […]

World Record Big Air Combo?

It was 21 years ago almost to the very day in October 1993, that I felt compelled to earn my adrenalin spurs by throwing myself headfirst off a perfectly sound and  very historic Victoria Falls bridge which spanned a gaping chasm beneath.  At the time, the world’s highest commercial bungee jump was being operated by […]

Swing Low

bungee jumping victoria falls

So 21 years almost to the day since I last approached the Victoria falls bridge on a day in which I intended to eat up the air between it – and the foaming water below, here I am again embarking on the same walk – but this it will not be at the end of […]

Win an adventure activity

Helicopter Flight over Victoria Falls

The overwhelming response to the FREE cruise competition that we ran on Facebook has demonstrated how much everyone loves a freebie – as if we couldn’t guess. It seems fitting then that from now on we will be running a monthly competition allowing applicants the opportunity to win any number of FREE activities such as: […]

Good Moon Rising

Spending daytime being mesmerised by the Victoria Falls is beyond hyperbole, it’s not just the explosive magnitude of the crashing plumes of Zambezi, nor the evocative primeval roar of millennia as Mosi Tunya’s – it is also the sheer prodigious boast of a 360 rainbow as well, as can be viewed from the walkway underneath […]