Tusker And Crew

Ask anyone what picture immediately comes into their head when you say Africa – and the vast majority will reply with – Elephant. It is the essence of the continent – huge, mysterious, exotic, powerful and fascinating. It is the icon of the continent – football teams, mascots, badges, posters, logos – you name it, […]

The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | Exactly Who Doesn’t Forget

Is it you or your Elephant who doesn’t forget?  It is the African Elephant, more than it’s equally beguiling colleagues – Leopard, Cheetah, Lion and Hippo (to name but a few), that carries the title of animal most synonymous with Africa. Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe offer some of the most spectacular Elephant encounters you will […]

Tusker and friends – Elephant Back Safari

One of the most popular activities in Victoria Falls is an Elephant back safari, and Shearwater has a herd of 12 kept on the Stanley and Livingstone game reserve.  Shearwater is extremely proud of its Elephant operation, not least because animal welfare and conservation are at its heart.  So what is life like for the […]

Swing Low

bungee jumping victoria falls

So 21 years almost to the day since I last approached the Victoria falls bridge on a day in which I intended to eat up the air between it – and the foaming water below, here I am again embarking on the same walk – but this it will not be at the end of […]

Ele’s and Heli’s

Shearwater Victoria Falls has a long and rich tradition of pioneering new things to do in Victoria Falls going way back to the early 80’s when we were the first company to start commercial rafting trips over the seemingly impassable grade 5 rapids of the lower Zambezi. It is no idle boast that a Shearwater […]