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What you need to know

Victoria Falls is spectacular throughout the year but the best time to visit is from February to May – after the rainy season. This is when you’ll see the greatest flow of water although it may be a little difficult to photograph the falls up close without getting your camera wet!The lowest water levels occur at the end of the dry season – October and November – the time of year when temperatures remain uncomfortably hot throughout the day and night. Panoramic views of the falls are guaranteed but if you go on a Victoria Falls holiday during the late dry season, you may find that the Zambian side has dried up. If this is the case, be sure to view the ever-flowing Main Falls from Zimbabwe. Crossing the border between the two countries is a relatively quick and easy process.However, late dry season is also peak safari season in Zimbabwe and neighbouring Botswana – the nearby Chobe River in particular offers sensational game viewing at this time of year – so you’ll need to balance the two experiences in deciding when to go on a Victoria Falls safari holiday.As a compromise, we’d suggest visiting during the June – August period as the best time to combine Victoria Falls and a Chobe safari: you’ll get great game viewing on your safari, warm days and cool nights, little to no rain, and plenty of water thundering over the falls.

A Visa to enter Zimbabwe is required by several nationalities, please read the full details listed here.

There are 3 categories:

Category A: Countries whose nationals do NOT require a Visa. No action required, you will be granted easy entry at any border post.

Category B: Countries whose nationals are granted a Zimbabwe visa at port of entry on payment of requisite visa fees. These visas are easiest obtained on your arrival at the Airport or border post. If you get them done via an agency in your home country they will often cost you quite a bit more and be a lot more hassle.

Category C: Countries whose nationals are required to apply for and obtain a Zimbabwe visa prior to travelling. Unfortunately this is a bit of a pain, but you have to apply through an agency or the Zimbabwe High Commission in your home country. Zimbabwe immigration have launched a website where Category C’s can now apply online. Click on this link eVisa Zimbabwe

Find out the Category of your country in the tables below.

All Categories need:-

• Passport valid for a least 6 months from your date of entry.
• Return ticket to your country (or enough money to buy one)
• Sufficient funds to cover your stay in Zimbabwe.
• Enough blank pages in your passport to fit the required entry visa.

If you have purchased a single entry visa upon arrival and then decide to leave Zimbabwe, even for a few hours, you will need to buy another visa to re-enter Zimbabwe. In this instance you should buy a double entry visa upon arrival, it works out cheaper.

NB – Multiple Entry Visas – cannot be obtained at the port of entry into Zimbabwe. You may enter Zimbabwe on a single entry visa and then obtain a Multiple Entry Visa from the town office – but this may take up to 7 working days to be issued.

Alternatively a multiple entry visa can be obtained from the Zimbabwe Embassy in your country prior to departure for Zimbabwe.

Children – As of June 2012 – Zimbabwe will now be charging FULL VISA fees for any individual who is required to have a VISA despite their age. This includes infants and children who were previously being exempted from this. This has been imposed with immediate effect.

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