Moonbow of the Supermoon

No not a reference to a caped crusader, but to the enigmatic occurrence of the optical wonder of the lunar equivalent of a rainbow – hence moonbow. And this weekend it wasn’t just any moonbow – this was the moonbow of a supermoon (when the moon’s orbit is closest to earth).


When it comes to things to do in Victoria Falls there is one mandatory that rates above all others – the very essence of what to do in Victoria Falls and of course why most people come here. To tour the Falls themselves. Anyone who does so is utterly spellbound by its immensity, beauty and sheer wowness. Not for no reason to David Livingstone comment ‘’scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight’’, or that they have subsequently become one of only 7 natural wonders in the world.

To tour the falls and get the best out of them – take advantage of a guided tour to ensure you get the full insight: geographical, geological, historical, and anecdotal. Gaze out at Livingstone island and virtually travel in time to when the doctor was on its very banks back in November 1855 (the scene has changed little, if at all). Watch evolution in progress as devils cataract cuts a new falls line, and be physically awed by the tremendous volume (audio and capacity) of the main falls themselves (the huge continually falling sheet of water). See beautiful Technicolor rainbows – one of the few places on earth where you can see a rainbow, 360 rainbow and a moonbow in one day. In fact at time of writing there is not only a full moon offering the prospect of this enigmatic curiosity – but apparently this one is a ‘’supermoon’’ (when a full moon is at its closest to earth).

Take a shower as nature intended under the falling spray of ‘’Mosi oa Tunya’’ (‘’the smoke that thunders’’ as it is known colloquially). Dare yourself to get close to he vertiginous edge at danger point – sheer 111m drop to the rapids below. Peer over and see if you can see any imps playing in ‘’Devils pool’’ – a natural pool right on the edge of the falls on the Zambian side, beloved of thrill seekers. Talking of thrill seekers, towards the end of the tour, you may see the intrepid rafters and kayakers setting out on one of their epic white-water rafting trips – right from the boiling pot below the falls.

It is possible this rugged beauty and the enchanting Batoka gorge may determine you on one of the very popular gorge hikes, when you can get down, up close and personal with nature in full throttle. It’s not over though, as on the return leg there is a great viewing point for seeing the iconic Victoria Falls bridge in all its glory – incidentally a bridge tour is one of the best and most entertaining things to do in Victoria Falls, and of course glimpsing those doing the bungee jump or swing may whet your appetite for a big air combo.

Having walked for an hour or so around this extraordinary natural phenomena, take time to relax at the fabulous Rainforest Café – one if the best places to eat in Vic Falls and one of the best restaurants. Think and reflect on what you have just seen. Contemplate the majesty of nature. And having revived on a Rainforest café cappuccino (served in a totally unique way), resolve to get an even better perspective of the falls by doing a flight of angels helicopter trip.

What to do in Victoria Falls, the best activities and so many of the things to do in Victoria Falls are all bound up in the Falls themselves. And so they should be.

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