The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | 2 Don’ts Do Make A Do

Shearwater promote whitepaper on litter problems


Think – in all the world, the whole planet, the entire globe – there are but 7, just 7 NATURAL wonders of the world. No one has to stretch their imagination too much to realise that the very word NATURAL conjures up images of pristine ‘’natural’’ environments: woods, trees, forests, rivers, mountains, animals, birds – but NOT litter.

It would be reasonable to accept that most people’s expectations of these 7 natural wonders are that they are the most perfect examples of everything to do with nature. The magical splendour of the Victoria Falls justly deserves its place amongst the magnificent 7, particularly if one focuses on just the few kilometres of the fall line itself, and the confines of the Rainforest Park. Sadly too much of the surrounding environs of the town itself are anything but supportive of the natural wonder tag. There is way – way -too much litter scattered about the town and strewn along pathways and roadsides. It is just not befitting of a town charged with the huge responsibility of being a guardian of this site for future generations. The answer does not lie in a periodic call to arms of the usual suspects to go out and do a mass clean up – which sadly sees eyesores revert to their former glory within days. IT SIMPLY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE THIS WAY.


Shearwater in its role within the VFWT is taking a lead role in gathering together the main players who can effect change: VFM, EMA and Environment Africa. Every business and every person in Victoria Falls however is a stakeholder in this challenge. The litter problem is disastrous for business, and unpleasant for residents. It is a ghastly sight to see the natural aspect of elephant dung – completely full of plastic bags and wrapping. Recycling and finding a more resourceful way of dealing with our litter is a future challenge – right now it starts with the simple matter of not littering:




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