Shearwater Take The Pledge

Shearwater are more use to taking the plunge with new and exciting activities, but in a commitment to excellence the entire Shearwater team are now taking the pledge on Shearwater core values: every division, every department, everybody.


Any visitor’s trip to Victoria Falls is greatly enhanced by personal interaction with staff, guides, drivers, waiters and managers. We feel the 4 P’s pledge will ensure we always exceed customer expectations.

Shearwater Staff Core Values

  1. To be Professional & Knowledgeable  
  2. To be Polished & Accurate
  3. To be Punctual & Responsive
  4. To be Pro-Active & Innovative

There are so many things to do in Victoria Falls, so many activities to participate in and enjoy. Shearwater as owner operators of so many activities combined with a fully-fledged and highly professional tours and transport operation, is uniquely placed to ensure every visitor to Victoria Falls has the most memorable experiences and truly gets the very best out of this extraordinary destination.

We all know however that everyone will be awed by the magnificent falls and will delight in the insight that comes from an expertly guided tour – it is for good reason that it is the number one thing to do in Victoria Falls, the premier activity in Victoria Falls. Experience has also taught us that the seminal Shearwater ‘’Flight of Angels’’ in a helicopter is the best means of gaining a true perspective of Africa’s 7th wonder.

It’s a given that white-water rafting on the Zambezi is unmatched anywhere in the world as a grade 5 thrill and that the beauty of the gorge itself is unrivalled – this is the Falls and Zambezi up close and personal – a real finger on the pulse of the power and majesty: as a things to do in Victoria Falls list and as an activity in Victoria falls – it is quite simply what brought Shearwater into existence.

Adrenaline rushes hardly come more powerful than a leap from the Shearwater bungee platform on the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge that not only links Zimbabwe and Zambia – but also spans an astonishingly beautiful gorge and has the imperious falls as the backdrop. If you are to do an activity such as this – Victoria Falls has to be the place in which to earn the badge of such an activity.

There is the extreme, there is the daring – but there is also plenty of the sublime. A sunset cruise on the Zambezi is generally one of the mandatory things to do in Victoria Falls following an afternoon arrival. Sighting hippos, elephant, crocs and buffalo are regular serendipitous bonuses – but few regardless, have witnessed anything quite as magical as a glorious African sunset while afloat on such a famous river – only just upstream from the main attraction. A Shearwater sunset cruise is a delicious ‘Hor dourve’ to the smorgasbord of gourmet activities that lay in wait. A cruise brings you close to nature – but it is the Shearwater Elephant back safari that will actually put you in physical contact. No-one who participates in this activity is unmoved by the extraordinary emotion it stirs. Trundling through the bush atop Africa’s essence- made- animal, is wonderful enough – but to finish with close interaction that allows you to feed, stroke, feel the trunk off – your new friend is an irreplaceable memory.

So we have a veritable treasure trove of world class things to do in Victoria Falls and unique activities in Victoria Falls. Meh? – hardly, but we know what will really achieve the tipping point of ensuring visitors leave our frontier town spellbound and enraptured with ambassadorial fervour: simply out of ballpark service and attention to detail. Exceeding people’s expectations on every single occasion and in every single way. It is for that reason every soul in the company has committed to the Shearwater Pledge.


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