Moonbow of the Supermoon

No not a reference to a caped crusader, but to the enigmatic occurrence of the optical wonder of the lunar equivalent of a rainbow – hence moonbow. And this weekend it wasn’t just any moonbow – this was the moonbow of a supermoon (when the moon’s orbit is closest to earth). When it comes to […]

Hi Ho Hi Ho…..

IT’S OFF TO A GORGE HIKE WE GO The demographic of visitors to the falls has changed over the years. 25 years ago the adrenaline buzz of White Water Rafting was the main lure for a younger generation. Now most visitors to the falls somewhat older and have put adrenaline rushes behind them. However customer […]

Eating Out in Victoria Falls


Occupying the most primme location in Victoria Falls demands a standard bearer for the Town. The outstanding success of the Rainforest Café always ensured confidence was high with the same team of Wes, Jane and Toni at the helm. The Shearwater Café has certainly delivered – raising the bar significantly. The look and ambience of […]