Moonbow of the Supermoon

No not a reference to a caped crusader, but to the enigmatic occurrence of the optical wonder of the lunar equivalent of a rainbow – hence moonbow. And this weekend it wasn’t just any moonbow – this was the moonbow of a supermoon (when the moon’s orbit is closest to earth). When it comes to […]

Shearwater Take The Pledge

Shearwater are more use to taking the plunge with new and exciting activities, but in a commitment to excellence the entire Shearwater team are now taking the pledge on Shearwater core values: every division, every department, everybody. Any visitor’s trip to Victoria Falls is greatly enhanced by personal interaction with staff, guides, drivers, waiters and […]

The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | Univisa

Passport to new worlds. It is very easy for any business to get into a rhythm that instinctively proves difficult to adjust. However the brightest and best seize opportunities to innovate. The arrival of the UNIVSA is now presenting exceptional opportunity and value for money for visitors to Victoria Falls. IF you are not capitalising […]

The Bridge Over the River Zambezi

The Victoria Falls are a deserved wonder of the natural world. However when it comes to the achievements of man –it would be a reasonable boast that once again the location scores highly. One of the greatest engineering feats of the last century, The Victoria Falls bridge is an astonishing achievement of endeavour and diligence […]