The Pioneering Spirit Vol.4 | Menu With A Rush

Where else can you order breakfast with a side of Bungee?

Restaurant menus can be tempting, innovative and artistically designed. Many go for the exotic twist with a dangerous sounding list of potent cocktails. Few places on earth though would allow you an opportunity to order a baguette and bungee on the same order, from the same menu and with the same waiter. Or to have eaten one, and then completed the other, and be back at the same table for a cocktail – not only within a matter of hours, but without having to walk further than most would, to find the usual restaurant loo.


Where else could you be sipping a morning cappuccino one minute before slipping out to whitewater the grade 5 rapids of the Zambezi, only to return and watch a video of yourself battling the ‘’Mother’’ with a half price beer in your hands – before finally settling your tab.

Where else could you enjoy an eggs benedict off the breakfast menu, do a guided tour of the falls, have a crocodile wrap for lunch, do a flight a of angels helicopter trip above the falls, enjoy a sunset cruise and finally have a candle lit dinner: Vic Falls by land, sea (almost) and air, by meat veg and salad, by starter, main and dessert, by elephant, helicopter and boat – all using the same menu.


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