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Victoria Falls Historic Bridge Tour

The “Victoria Falls Tram & Morning Bridge Tour” and The “Victoria Falls Tram & Sunset Bridge Tour”

Steeped in history, the Victoria Falls Tram Bridge Tours are a unique journey into the adventure and romance of a bygone age.

Both morning and sunset tours begin with a stroll down the red carpet path which links the iconic, 108-year old Victoria Falls Hotel to the train platform at Victoria Falls Station. After refreshments, the 19th century-style tram begins its gentle, twenty minute meander through the vibrant town of Victoria Falls, looping through classic African bush often habituated by wildlife and passing the Victoria Falls Rainforest. Its final destination is right in the middle of the Victoria Falls Bridge which straddles the line dividing Zimbabwe and Zambia. This historic bridge is suspended 111 metres above the Zambezi River and affords spectacular views directly onto the face of the falls themselves.

An exciting joint venture between Shearwater Victoria Falls and the Victoria Falls Steam Train Company


CALL US NOW ON : + 263 (0) 8328 44471