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Victoria Falls Specials

Guide to Shearwater’s discounted combination activities and Individual activity Price List.
After more than 30 years Shearwater has learnt about what visitors enjoy most on a visit to Victoria Falls. In the sure knowledge that the vast majority of visitors participate in multiple activities, we have utilised our uniquely large portfolio of products to offer a variety of discounted combination packages which we hope will suit visitors activity preferences and budgets.
We have broadly divided these discount packages into Scenic “Vic Falls in 24 hours”, Safari and Adventure packages with the long established tick-it to adventure packages straddling the three sectors.
The following is a Guide to Shearwater’s discounted combos detailing the savings per person and below these is a standard individual activity price list.
Prices valid until 31 December 2013. Prices are subject to change.

Scenic Packages


Safari Packages


Adventure Packages


Ticket to Adventure

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