Elephant Back riding in Victoria Falls

Elephant Back Rides  – US$ 140

Elephant rides are owned and managed by Shearwater Victoria Falls. Ride elephants in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Game viewing on an elephants back provides you with the unique chance of getting really close to wildlife at Stanley and Livingstone Private Game Reserve that you could normally only view from far off.

Elephants are enormous, intelligent and gentle beasts synonymous with the plains and forests of Africa. Shearwater’s herd of twelve elephants resides on the Stanley and Livingstone Private Game Reserve, a few kilometres outside Victoria Falls.  Each mild-mannered giant has formed a close bond with their patient induna (elephant handler) who has learnt to understand each elephant’s unique character and traits.

Take part in an early morning or late afternoon Elephant Back rides and get a chance to interact with these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.  Learn about their life stories, behaviour patterns and anatomy from the informative Indunas who accompany every Elephant back safari.  If you prefer not to ride for medical or other reasons, you have the option of just walking alongside and engaging with these behemoths of Africa as they amble through the bush.

After the ride, which lasts about 45 minutes, get to know Africa’s most loved mammal through up-close and personal interaction.  They will allow you to sit on their lap to feel the vacuum from their trunks as they feed right out of the palm of your hand.   Did you know? – Our elephants are trilingual; they can understand up to twenty five commands in English, Ndebele and Shona!  You can ask them to kick a ball, lift their trunks, pick something up, salute and even speak to others in the herd – an amazing rumble that echoes back as they all talk together.  When not involved in safari activities, the elephants are left to browse freely on any part of the Reserve returning to their stables at night where they continue supplementary feeding till the next day.

Morning and afternoon trips available / Total Activity Time is approx 3 ½ hours

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  1. Hi we are coming to Zambia on the 30 th September for days with our 2 children and would really like to be able to elephant back ride. Please could you let me know if this can be done.

    Kind regards

    Lauren Neethling

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