Adrenaline Adventure


Immerse yourself in the world of an elephant


Have you ever wondered how an elephant sees, hears, smells and feels the world? Or what emotions and intellect we share with these big brained, social mammals? This is a one off adventure into the mind, body and soul of an elephant.

eleCREW is registered non-profit organisation with a vision of an Africa in which humans and elephants coexist in a balanced environment. Your visitor fee goes toward supporting our charitable activities.


Immerse yourself in the journey our expert elephant carers will take you on. They will educate you, engage you and enthral you. Youll be able to get up close, meet some of the remarkable personalities in our herd. Discover some of the unique skills and behaviours that make them the amazing creatures they are. Understand first hand some of their super-mammal powers. Then watch them in their natural environment, playing, bathing, rolling in mud and generally putting on a show at the waterhole!

You will also learn about the many challenges that elephants face in the wild and how you can help.  eleCREW has a mission to improve human elephant co-existence and it does this through its CREW programs. The Community program helps local people who live side by side with elephants do so in a harmonious way. Our unique situation allows world class scientific Research collaborations. The Education program has benefitted over 1000 local school children so far. Underlying everything is our pioneering approach to elephant Welfare.  We are independently audited to ensure our elephants leads their best lives possible.

You will get the chance to give them a natural treat, learn a little about their individual personalities and what is required to care for and give them the best possible life. 

Finally just relax with refreshments and view elephants do what they do, play, browse or interact with others in the herd.


  • US$116

Morning activity pick up times are either 08:00 or 10:30
Refreshments at the waterhole include teas, coffees, soft drinks, water and a muffin

Afternoon Activity pick up time is 14:30
Refreshments at the waterhole include alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, water and bar snacks


What is included?

Your return transfer from hotels in Victoria Falls, refreshments such as stated.

What is not included?

There are no additional costs.

Is there an age or fitness restriction?

No minimum age, however, children under 16 must be accompanied by a guardian. There’s no fitness or weight limit but you must be fit enough to walk between the reception and the viewing platform along bush pathways and up steps.

What safety measures are in place?

We have onsite guides who are fully trained in advanced first aid, will give a full safety briefing before meeting the elephants. The reception area has a first aid kit, and fire extinguishers. There are 2-way communication radios and mobile phones on board if there is need for further assistance and for easy communication with the office.

What should I bring?

Bring your camera, binoculars, insect repellent, sunscreen during the hot season and a jersey during the cooler months.

What should I leave behind?

Your valuables and anything else that you do not need.

What should I wear?

Wear light clothes in as it can be very hot. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

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