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Victoria Falls Bridge Adventures

Bungee, swing or zipline off this global icon.

With Victoria Falls as the backdrop, the 114-year-old Victoria Falls Bridge as the starting point, and the Zambezi River rushing below, this is where adrenalin junkies come face-to-face with some of the most thrilling and picturesque experiences in the world. Over 300,000 guests have bungee jumped with us since 1994 and our swing and zipline have been getting hearts racing since 2007 – making us one of the most experienced operators globally.

Bungee Jumping

US$160 per person.

Ready, set, jump! 111m of bungee that means you have a 4 second, adrenalin-fuelled, free-fall. 4 seconds that’ll change your life forever.

Bridge Swing

US$160 solo | $240 tandem

Launching from the same iconic bridge as the bungee, here you get a 70 meter free-fall. Swing alone or go tandem and share the experience with a friend.

Bridge Slide

US$45 solo | $65 tandem

For an equally spectacular experience, with a little less adrenalin, pick the zipline. This unforgettable activity takes you from Zambia into Zimbabwe, the only zipline in the world covering two countries. Enjoy this magical experience alone or go tandem with a friend.

Big Air Combo


Can’t decide which to do? Do them all. The Big Air Combo lets you experience all three activities with a massive saving of $155.



Additional Information

What are the operating hours?

The bridge is open between 9am and 5pm, but is closed for lunch between 1 – 2pm.

How do I get there?

We offer a complimentary shuttle service at 10am and 2pm from Shearwater Café, alternatively, it’s a 15 minute walk from town.

How long does it last?

All activities, excluding getting to the bridge, have a turnaround time of around 1 hour.

What is not included?

We’ll take photos and videos from start to finish that can be purchased at an additional fee.

What should I bring?

Although you don’t need a visa, our jump takes place between Zimbabwe and Zambia, so you do need to bring your passport.

What should I leave behind?

Any valuables.

Is there a weight and health restriction?

All activities have a minimum weight restriction of 40kgs. The Bungee has a maximum restriction of 120kgs and The Swing and The Slide have a maximum restriction of 180kgs. People with high blood pressure, bad backs or heart issues are not advised to do The Bungee or Swing.

Is there an age restriction?

To Bungee or Swing you must be at least 14 years old. For The Slide you must be at least 6 years old.

Are there weather restrictions?

We stop jumping during rain to protect the cords. Luckily, the rain showers normally end quickly.