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Things to do in Victoria Falls – Zambezi Cruise, Helicopter rides, Game Walks, Restaurants, Cafes Best Deals

Things to do in Victoria Falls

Be warned, as the undisputed adventure capital of Africa, you will be potentially overwhelmed with choices. That isn’t to say that if your tastes are a little more sedate and refined, you won’t similarly have to narrow down a wide spectrum of possibilities. A combination of all, as always, is the best medicine.

So when considering for the things to do and what to do in Victoria Falls, the following will help.


White-water Rafting/River Boarding/Kayaking

Unquestionably the best and most thunderous, heart-pounding grade 5 rapids on the planet. At low water, there are19 rapids over a 23km course through the astoundingly beautiful Batoka gorge. Multi day trips are highly recommended for those wanting the ultimate experience.

Bungee Jumping/Ziplining/Gorge Swing

Set on the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge, with a breathtaking backdrop and view of the Falls, the spray, the rainbows, the gorge and the rapids – these activities will satisfy any adventurer. Ziplining is definitely a few heartbeats down from Bungee and Swing, for those that don’t want the full rush.

Low Key Adventure


Helicopter Flight of Angels

A Helicopter Ride is a thrill in itself, but to do it over Africa’s natural wonder of the world is utterly sublime.

Gorge Hike

Great activity for those that want to expend a bit of energy without thrills and spills. A unique opportunity to get right down into the gorge underneath the falls themselves.

Game Drives

Zimbabwe offers some of the best game spotting drives on the continent, not only in private game reserves like the Stanley and Livingstone, but also the national parks. A day trip to the Chobe is probably the nest game experience you could ever wish for, combining a river safari with park safari, and startling numbers of animals and situations.

Gorge Hike

Great activity for those that want to expend a bit of energy without thrills and spills. A unique opportunity to get right down into the gorge underneath the falls themselves.

Devils Pool

Take a dip with the devil and frolic in a natural pool right at the edge of the falls.


Tour of the Falls

It’s what ultimately bought you here, and you won’t be disappointed. The Victoria Falls is a natural wonder of the world for good reason. To ensure you have the best experience, do a Guided Tour of the Falls full of insight, information and anecdote.

Sunset Cruise

What could be more soothing than an exquisite cruise on the fabled and famous mighty Zambezi river, sipping a refreshing gin and tonic as you spot hippos, crocs, Ele’s and other game, nibble some delicious snacks and wash it all down with a sunset direct from heaven.

Village Tour

Experience life of the rural Ndebele with a village tour and homestead dinner.


Not many get the opportunity to set out early morning on the Zambezi (at it’s most beautiful), and indulge themselves with fishing in the most stunning environment, and prospects of wrestling the infamous tiger fish.

But who does these activities, so many companies, it’s so confusing?

Shearwater is the original and oldest company offering activities in the falls – and is the owner operator of most of them. There are many agents who provide a great service in selling our products and services, but be reassured they are bringing you to the the best in the business. Shearwater can create a package that achieves all you desire in terms of experience, time and budget having considered all pertinent mattes such as ages, fitness levels and areas of interest.


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